Take the whole clan on two wheels with a four-person Vespa scooter

Want to ride a scooter but just can't seem to fit one into your lifestyle? Is that because you can't fit your lifestyle onto your scooter? If so, perhaps you should consider a new four-person Vespa like the one seen above. It will easily accept one rider and three extra passengers, and, being based on the Italian scooter company's GT platform, it should have no problem reaching highway speeds. City maneuverability? Well, that's another question.

Want to see one under the tree? Sorry to burst your bubble, but Vespa has no plans of actually offering anything like this for sale. The machine you see here was built by Vespa South Africa as a promotional tool, but it's reportedly a fully functional machine. According to a Vespa spokesperson, "You won't have a problem finding passengers for this scooter. Park it anywhere, and in minutes you'll have a queue of admirers." We certainly don't doubt it.

[Source: motoring.co.za via 2StrokeBuzz]

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