Giant fullsize pickup trucks that are practically capable of pulling an entire city block off its foundations are a uniquely American invention. In most other parts of the world, people somehow find a way to move oversize and overweight objects without the use of 500-plus lb-ft of torque and a bowling-pin size trailer hitch.
That said, the sight of an itsy-bitsy G-Wiz electric car towing a double-axle trailer with a 50-foot Christmas tree lashed atop is sure to cause double takes wherever it goes. Such is the case with Greig Howe of Bournemouth, Dorset in the U.K. Howe picked up the massive tree and hauled it 15 miles to his home, making sure that his route took him past his aged grandmother's home with the tree fully done-up with appropriate decorations.

For his next trick, Howe cut the tree into thirds and placed them in such a way that it appears as if the fir is bursting through the windows and roof of his six-bedroom home. Which, of course, it sort of is. Nicely done! Thanks for the tip, Robin!

[Source: Mail Online]

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