The Challarostang - Click above for high-res image gallery

Having trouble deciding which of America's three latest muscle cars is right for you? Well, at least you're not alone. We ourselves at the Autoblog HQ have had lengthy debates on the merits and drawbacks of each model, and the expected ongoing series of improvements to the Camaro, Challenger and Mustang are sure to drive a wedge between GM Gearheads, Ford Fanatics and Mopar Maniacs until the end of time.

Or, as seen above, you could go a slightly different route and combine all three ponies into one model, which we've taken the liberty of christening has been christened (Whoops! We're apparently not as clever as we thought, someone beat us to the name.) the Challarostang. A Vulcan Mind Meld between the front fascia and hood of a Challenger, the bodysides of a Camaro and the hind end of a Mustang, it actually doesn't look nearly as crazy as you might imagine. In fact, we kinda dig it.

According to Robert D, the Challarostang's modeler, the automotive ménage à trois seen here took four months to complete. Next question, which drivetrain do you choose? Click here for a description of the build process from the modeler himself.

[Source: Model Cars Magazine Forum via Carscoop]

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