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Smith Electric Vehicles US has nameed Roy Stanley as its chairman of the board. Stanley is also the founder and former chairman of the Tanfield Group, the parent company of Smith's UK parent and 49 percent owner of the U.S. company. Smith is one of the top manufacturers of electric trucks in the world and, earlier this year, began assembling its Newton medium duty truck at a facility in Kansas City, MO. While running Tanfield, Stanley also started Optare, a bus company specializing in hybrid and electric transit buses. Stanley takes over the reigns at the U.S. operation on January 1. The press release is after the jump.

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Electric Commercial Vehicle Visionary Roy Stanley Named Chairman of Smith Electric Vehicles

Kansas City, MO – December 22, 2009 – Smith Electric Vehicles U.S. Corporation (Smith) announced today that Roy Stanley, a visionary entrepreneur with extensive experience building low carbon vehicle manufacturing companies, will join the company's Board of Directors as Chairman, effective Jan. 1, 2010.

"We are honored to have Roy Stanley join Smith's Board of Directors," said Bryan Hansel, CEO of Smith Electric Vehicles US. "When much of the EV industry was focused on the development of passenger vehicles, Roy understood that the predictability of the commercial vehicle market offered a much more successful path for growth. The demonstrated clarity of Roy's strategic vision and his global experience comes at a time of extraordinary growth for Smith. I look forward working with him."

Stanley is the founder and former Chairman of The Tanfield Group Plc, a British company that acquired Smith Electric Vehicles UK in 2004. Over the past five years, Stanley has transformed Smith UK into a global leader in electric truck production. Tanfield owns a 49 percent share of Smith U.S.

Roy also developed one of the UK's largest bus manufacturers, Optare Plc, which is now recognized as a European leader in the development of electric and hybrid vehicles for public transport.

Smith produces the Smith Newton at its production facility in Kansas City, Missouri, which started production in November 2009. The Smith Newton was designed to be a pure electric vehicle and operates at peak effectiveness in urban applications that demand heavy stop and go driving. The Smith Newton is fuel-emissions-free, runs without noise or vibration, and stores electric energy during stopping through a process called regenerative braking. It has a top speed of 50 mph, offers battery configurations with ranges of 50 – 120 miles.

Smith vehicles feature the latest in Lithium-ion battery cell technology, power management and direct drivetrains. The Smith Newton is the only medium- heavy duty truck to be certified by the California Air Resources Board.

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