What's holding back electric cars in Amsterdam? Bicycles

There are a lot of hurdles to getting people into electric cars. There's the cheaper price of gasoline, worries about range anxiety, and those cancer fears. Who would've thunk it that another problem is people are too in love with their bicycles? This is the situation in Amsterdam, where decades of bicycle promotion have resulted in a population that happily gets around on two wheels. Who wouldn't, considering that bikes have the right-of-way over cars? Some people in the city really don't like cars.

Now that the Dutch government is trying to promote plug-in vehicles with things like free power to EV owners, purchase assistance and more parking spaces, they're finding bike riders are strongly opposed to the plan. Adding 10,000 cars to the city in the next five years, the government's stated plan, doesn't have broad appeal in a town with 550,000 bicycles. In fact, there were more transportation "movements" in the city performed by bicycle last year than by cars (38 percent of the total to 37 percent). The cyclists aren't opposed to electric cars per se, just the idea of more cars in their small, bike-filled city.

[Source: Green Car Advisor]
Photo by herval. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

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