Dead Chevrolet Forester in India – Click above to watch the video after the break

First of all, if you weren't aware already, the first-generation Subaru Forester was later sold in India as the Chevrolet Forester (General Motors doesn't have the CUV in its lineup anymore). There weren't any real changes to the vehicle in any way, it was really just a Subaru with a Bowtie emblem. Now that that's out of the way, we have learned that an 80-year-old man in India named Ashok Tolat sued General Motors after his Forester came to a halt and died in one foot of water during the monsoon season in 2005. Angered that his SUV couldn't handle any weather thrown its way, Tolat sued GM.

General Motors denied any wrongdoing, claiming that the Forester wasn't designed as an all-terrain, all-weather vehicle. Tolat countered with the car's sales brochure, which reportedly likened the Forester's capabilities with that of a mountain goat. "A total misrepresentation," says Tolat. As far as we can recall, we're not aware of any 2005-vintage mountain goats that stalled out and died in one foot of water... so, there you go.

The General took the case all the way to India's Supreme Court after losing Tolat's lawsuit in two lower courts, but it ultimately lost there too. It took three years, but Tolat finally got GM to buy back the Forester and pay his legal fees. Score one for determination, even if we're a little leery of the court's ruling without the rest of the facts. In any case, click past the break to watch video of the story as covered on NDTV.

[Source: NDTV via YouTube via TTAC]

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