Mansory Cypress – Click above for high-res image gallery

Besides talking to the cute blond at the Audi booth, your Autobloggers spent the most time at this year's Frankfurt show arguing in front of the Mansory booth. Why? Some of us simply loved the all carbon fiber Cyrus, while others thought reskinning an Aston Martin DB9 in unpainted CF wasn't the best possible use of all that sci-fi plastic. Also (of course) there was the matte pink Vitesse Rose, which... no comment.

Anyhow, Mansory just released a plethora of images showing the world what the Cyrus looks like when it's on the road. The naysayers among us will no doubt be forced to admit that the Cyrus does look better at speed, though we're still quite anti- fake roof scoop, as well as the glued-on rear quarter panels. Is $600,000ish too much to spend on top of a DB9's based price for all that baked plastic goodness? You be the judge.

[Source: Mansory]

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