2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid – click above for high-res image gallery

A couple of weeks back, the world got a look at some leaked Honda CR-Z brochure images. Today is more of the same, although these images are bigger and clearly. We also get some interior shots that were absent from the first brochure leak go-round. Not a bad looking place to spend some economical time.

To recap, the Honda CR-Z is the much-anticipated CRX spiritual successor from Honda. The leaked brochure states the power will be 112 horsepower from the gas engine, plus an additional 12 ponies from the electric assist motor. There will also be 107 pound-feet of torque from the 1.5-liter gas engine coupled to 57 electric lb-ft. of the stuff. You might be scoffing, but remember that the original CRX made around 60 hp and was much loved by enthusiasts.

Why? Weight. As in, the CRX didn't have any. In fact, when introduced in 1984, it weighed less than a Lotus Elise does today – about 1,800 pounds. Meaning it's freakishly light. Sadly, this new batch of images gives us no indication of the CR-Z's curb weight. Odds are the CR-Z will get a bit more beef when it comes here to the States.

And hey... let's not overlook the very good possibility of an Si or Type-R version at some point down the road.

[Source: Temple of VTEC]

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