There are hearts breaking all over Italy, and the biggest one of all is that which beats in the chest of Ferrari head Luca de Montezemolo. Michael Schumacher is still under contract to The Prancing Horse as a global ambassador and consultant for their road cars. However, given the opportunity to return to a Formula One cockpit and prove a thing or ten, he appears keen on racing no matter the color of the car.

Neither Schumacher nor the Mercedes F1 team is revealing anything public about the German's chances of driving, but it's been in the press for a few weeks now. Last week, Schumacher phoned Montezemolo and told him there was a "very, very, very strong possibility" he'd end up as a driver for Mercedes. Speculation is that the final say is only waiting on Schumacher's neck to be declared fully healed after his motorcycle accident earlier this year.

If the 41-year-old Schumy does race again with Mercedes, it will be with the company that put him on the road to becoming one of the greatest racing drivers ever. And it will come at the expense of a muy doloroso de Montezemolo, who is so torn up about Michael switching camps that he has taken to calling the former Ferrari driver "the real Michael Schumacher," and the potential Mercedes pilot, "the new Michael Schumacher."

If it comes to pass, we'll play a sad song for de Montezemolo on the jukebox, but we'll do a dance for the coming F1 season: Rosberg and Schumacher in Mercedes', Alonso and Massa in Ferraris, Hamilton and Button in McLarens, Vettel in his Red Bull. There hasn't been a field like that in that kind of machinery in more than a decade. Please let it be March already...

[Source: Autosport | Image: Juergen Schwarz/Getty]

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