Behold, the Power of Subaru: WRX STI tows semi out of snow

A Subaru WRX STi pulls a semi stuck in the snow -- Click above to watch the video

Somewhere in the snow that's falling all over the northern hemisphere, a tractor-trailer got stuck on some slushy ice and snow, blocking a city street. That helpless semi was then strapped to a Subaru WRX STI, and the little engine -- and AWD -- that could, extricated the truck from its predicament.

That's cool enough on its own. Yet, what we really want to know is the backstory – did someone say "Don't worry about a wrecker. If you see a blue sedan with gold wheels and a giant wing, and it growls, that's all we need..."? Follow the jump to see it all unfold on video. Thanks for the tip, Roy!

[Source: Tastes Like Pizza]


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