When Automobile magazine put together a list of potential all-star cars, 39 new models made the initial cut from the Audi A3 and (Euro-edition) Honda Civic to the Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano and Tesla Roadster. From that selection, only ten cars ascended to the winner's circle.

Each of the 39 finalists makes a solid case for being included, although a few did raise an eyebrow -- we really enjoy the Malibu and love the G-Class, for instance, but didn't expect to see them here. The ten that took honors are all worthy to a wheel, but again, an eyebrow or two did take note -- neither the aforementioned Ferrari nor the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG made it, but the Camaro and BMW Z4 did.

Don't let that take anything away though; these things are subjective, and every winner deserved it. Even the Dodge Ram 1500. Click here for the full list of winners and reasons.

[Source: Automobile]

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