Ford's victory with Sync isn't contestable – the connectivity system has a 70-percent uptake rate, and 32 percent of people list it as one of the reasons they bought a Ford. Over one million Sync-equipped vehicles have been sold in three years. The Blue Oval's exclusive deal with Microsoft ended last year and other Microsoft-powered in-car competitors will be arriving soon, so Ford has been busy working on new elements that it hopes will keep Sync in front of the challengers.

Ford has updated Sync a couple of times this year with things like traffic and directions, and a contacts download app. According to The Detroit News, the next big update is scheduled to be announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next month. Ford isn't giving away details, but it's called "mobile apps," and it will enable Sync functionality with any app on a cellphone or personal music player. That would likely mean Pandora on-the-go and Twitter out loud.

It could also mean a price: rumors suggest that Ford will be charging for the upgrade, and that it will come on 2010 vehicles and be available to any previous Sync-fitted vehicle. Stay tuned for coverage from CES for more.

[Source: The Detroit News]

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