There are roughly 4,000 GM employees working at the company's Renaissance Center headquarters in Detroit. During the restructuring, GM has been working out how many employees to let go and where to put the remainder, and that, for the state of Michigan, meant another few thousand workers unemployed.

To lessen the damage, the Michigan Economic Growth Authority (MEGA) has been in talks with GM to limit the number of retrenched employees. The General had committed to maintaining a workforce of 2,500 at the RenCen in exchange for a $50 million tax break over twenty years, but the number was recently reduced to 2,000. GM simply needs to do all it can to get itself back in contention.

The company will still receive the tax break and talks are continuing, yet while there aren't many details it's an intriguing deal to strike. This could be cynical of us, but GM has white-collar workers in numerous locations in Michigan, and we wonder if the company wouldn't simply shuffle people around to keep the required number at the RenCen but get rid of all the employees it feels it needs to. And when the company gets its new CEO, well, as we've seen before, he or she might plot a very different course than the one being charted now.

[Source: Detroit News | Image: Bill Pugliano/Getty]

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