VIDEO: Turbocharged BMW-powered Yugo highboy has us reconsidering the GV

Vprache BMW six-cylinder turbo Yugo in hoon mode – Click above to watch video

In the beginning, there was a yellow Yugo GV. And when the folks at Vprache Racing cast their eyes over it, they thought it was missing something. So they gave it an 3.5-liter BMW inline six-cylinder transplant and added a turbo besides. And an intercooler mounted on the grille. And a high-rise lift job. Then they took it hooning. And that was the end of the first day.

When that wasn't enough, they added another turbo and fashioned arches to cover the exposed rubber. And then they took it drag racing. And that was the end of the second day. You can check out videos of the car in both iterations after the jump. It's fast. And in a yellow Yugo, you'd want to be.

[Sources: Tampa Sports Car Examiner; YouTube]

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