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For the past four years Ford has been running a fleet of 30 fuel cell-powered Focus sedans in several locations throughout the United States and Canada in a program partially funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. Those cars have accumulated more than half a million miles over that time. Testing of those cars is still ongoing, but some of the cars have recently been redeployed.

The next phase of testing begins this month in Iceland as 10 of Focuses have been shifted to the North Atlantic nation for further evaluation. Iceland has long been interested in taking advantage of hydrogen through its vast geothermal and water resources. Shell Hydrogen has been running a commercial filling station in the capital of Reykjavik for over 6 years.

The new Icelandic arrivals will be leased out to to companies in Reykjavik to use for general transportation purposes for their employees. Thanks to Roy and Egill for the tips!

[Source: NewEnergy.IS]

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