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We're a couple months past Halloween, but this video was just too good to pass up. A gentleman with an old XBox steering wheel, a fake skeleton and a couple black lights managed to scare the holy hell out of some folks by making it look like a glowing blue skeleton was driving his car. How did he do it? The key is to have a right-hand drive vehicle and a little bit of creativity.

The Halloween prankster rigged the steering wheel to his Toyota Sera by propping it up on a 2x4 stand and holding it in place with a heavy bag of pennies. He painted the skeleton white and added a couple black lights in the door jam and attached to the sun visor. He then dressed himself in all black and waited for night fall. The end result is a scary-looking blue skeleton that's ready to send a chill down the spine of the living. Hit the jump to for the full rundown on how it was done – it's worth it to hear the screams emanating from onlookers.

[Source: StreetFire]


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