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When a 250-mph funny car suddenly loses control and launches like a missile in your direction, common sense dictates that the best thing to do is run away. As fast as possible. While the instincts of the shutter bugs at Pomona Raceway in California told most to run for cover, Andy Willsheer just kept on shooting. And when Steve Gasparrelli's Ford Mustang funny car came screaming at him full tilt and completely out of control, Willsheer snapped off several of the most up close and personal shots you'll ever see.

Gasparrelli's Mustang funny car slipped on some oil right out of the gate and made an immediate 90-degree right turn right for the concrete barrier. The drag car was immediately upended by the barrier just three feet from where Willsheer was shooting. Neither Willsheer or Gasparrelli were seriously hurt in the incident. We're not sure if Willsheer was brave or stupid for not moving, but we sure do like the pics. Be sure to head over to the Daily Mail to check out Willsheer's amazing photos and hit the jump to watch video of the accident. Pretty amazing stuff.

[Source: Daily Mail]

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