Motorcycle Rocket Launcher - Click above to watch the video after the jump

The last time we were out riding a sportbike, it occurred to us that the most pressing thing missing from modern two-wheelers is weaponry. No, really. Think back in history for a moment... back to the days when horses provided the bulk of our transportation options. Whether it was the days of armored knights or mounted cavalrymen, one thing was constant: weapons. So, shouldn't we be packing a little sumthin' on our modern-day steel horses?

At least one enterprising 2006 Honda CBR owner seems to agree with us, and thankfully he's taken the initial steps to do something about it. How so? By adding a side-mounted rocket launcher. One button click is all it takes to send what appears to be a bottle rocket shooting off into the distance ahead. We'll go ahead and assume more substantial artillery will come with future revisions. Click past the break to watch the video. Hat tip to yknott!

[Source: The Biker Gene]

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