There's only so many chairs one man can sit in at once. But Luca di Montezemolo has made an art out of pushing the limits. In addition to serving as chairman of both Ferrari and the Fiat group, the hereditary nobleman was, until recently at least, also chairing the Italian Confindustria employers' federation and the FIEG editorial organization. But something's got to give, and at the end of this year he's stepping down from his role as the founding chairman of the Formula One Teams Association.

In his place, according to the latest reports, will serve one Martin Whitmarsh, recently promoted to team principal of the McLaren team after Ron Dennis went off to concentrate on the emerging road car division. Meanwhile, Red Bull chief Christian Horner was reportedly elected to chair the Sporting Working Group while Ross Brawn stays on as head of the Technical Working Group within FOTA. The meeting of the team principals took place in Monaco on the heels of the F1 Business Forum and the Formula 1 Commission meeting.

[Source: Autosport | Image: Clive Mason/Getty]

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