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Audi has officially started off the countdown to its new mini car, the A1. We've known for at least two years that the A1 was coming from Audi and we've seen two different concepts that preview the styling. In 2007 we got the Metroproject Quattro and last year brought us the A1 Sportback. Judging by the graffiti images and sketches revealed this week, the production model won't be much different from those concepts.

The A1 will feature the latest revision of Audi's design language which was previewed last January in the Sportback concept and more recently in the new A8 sedan. The upper corners of the grille are now cut off to give a more hexagonal shape and the headlights get an almost triangular shape. Audi is directly targeting the 3.7 meter long MINI with its sub-4 meter A1. CEO Rupert Stadler calls it a premium small car.

The A1 will officially roll out in March at the Geneva Motor Show and you can check out some preview videos after the jump.

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Audi A1: The countdown starts today
  • Series of events to build up to the world premiere in March 2010
  • A1 information on the Internet
  • Exclusive "Journalists' Corner" at
Ingolstadt, December 14, 2009 – Audi will be the first manufacturer to offer a premium car in the subcompact segment when it launches the Audi A1. A young target group will experience new standards of quality, technology, and design.

The waiting comes to an end in early February 2010 when the A1 celebrates its online premiere (end of secrecy). Until then, we'll make the wait more tolerable by giving you a look through the keyhole. In the weeks ahead, Audi experts will be explaining characteristic details of design and production online before we show the first photos of the car.

Following the online premiere we'll throw the doors wide open and reveal the background behind the technology, driving dynamics, and efficiency leading up to the Geneva Motor Show (March 2010). Members of the Audi Board of Management will answer your questions online. Please note: All content, such as videos, photos, and text information can be downloaded from the "Journalists' Corner" on the Audi A1 MediaGuide.

The Audi A1 will celebrate its world premiere in Geneva.

The A1 Online Special for customers will go online at at the same time as the Audi A1 MediaGuide, which is intended for journalists. In addition to numerous possibilities for exploring the world of the Audi A1, Audi also has an A1 Facebook fan page (, the Audi YouTube channel (, and an A1 Twitter channel (

Audi A1: The future is taking shape
  • Design of the Tokyo and Paris show cars was a sign of things to come
  • The subcompact car has Audi genes yet is highly individual
  • New face: independence and premium for a new target group
Ingolstadt, December 14, 2009 – A new name, a new segment, a new car. Is there a more fascinating challenge for a car designer? Bold and surprising design was what the Audi team was aiming for in 2007 when it designed the A1 project quattro for the Tokyo Motor Show and again in 2008 for the A1 Sportback concept for the Paris Auto Show. Both studies are emotion-packed visions for a new, young target group and the particular requirements of city driving, and have been systematically refined ever since. The future is almost here: The countdown to the A1 is on.

The car is still a secret, yet Stefan Sielaff, Head of Design at AUDI AG, is already talking about the future smallest model in the Audi family. "The new A1 has Audi design in its genes. Like all Audi models, the ratio of greenhouse to body is between 1:3 and 2:3. The front overhang is short, but the wheel wells are pronounced, giving the A1 a wide road stance."

The Audi design team has also come up with something special for the C-pillar. The coupeĢ-like silhouette of the A1 is clearly different from that of the A3. "Audi is renowned for taking a lot of features of its showcars into series production. The roof arch is a unique characteristic of the Tokyo showcar; there is a certain dynamism in the flow of the A- and C-pillars. An important detail for customization; that much I can tell you," said Sielaff. There will be many ways to customize the A1 to your personal ideas, especially in the interior.

The single-frame grille – a central Audi design feature – will identify the A1 as an Audi. But there's a surprise in store. "We'll do something here, maybe with the corners and the width of the grille," says Sielaff. This will affect the headlights. But more on that in January 2010.

Rupert Stadler, Chairman of the Board of Management of AUDI AG, about the big subcompact A1

Ingolstadt, December 14, 2009 – The Audi brand represents a unique passion for cars. A small, bold idea can turn into something big. This is the case with the Audi A1.

Its mission is clear: to condense all of Audi's virtues into a car that is less than four meters long.
Our goal with the A1 is a bold one: to repeat the success that we have enjoyed with the A3 in the compact segment. With the

A1 we're opening another door into the world of premium cars.

The countdown to the world premiere at the Geneva Auto Show in March 2010 begins today. Over the coming weeks we will give you more details about the A1 on this website.

See for yourself and get to know the Audi A1!

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