Now that the 2000s are officially drawing to a close, it's time for us to look back at the decade-that-was and reflect on the hits and misses in the automotive industry. Naturally, we expect that some models will hit the target square in the bulls-eye while others will fall just short of becoming a marketplace success. For every few near-misses, though, there seems to be a new model launch that just completely goes down in flames, Hindenburg-style.

We put our heads together to see if we could all agree on at least ten major automotive busts that whiffed on both critical success and in sales volume, and somewhat surprisingly, we managed to come up with a dozen. These may not be the last word in failure – and not every choice was made unanimously – meaning that you may be surprised by some of our inclusions, but we stand by our list. That said, grab some popcorn, a candy bar and a super-sized Coke, then click here to see our list of the Twelve of the Auto Industry's Biggest Busts of the Last Decade.

[Source Image: MGM]

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