Race-spec Jaguar XF touring car debuts at Kyalami Superstars

Ferlito Motors Jaguar XF Superstars touring car – Click above for image gallery

We can thank the Italians for some of the most enticing race machinery ever to grace tarmac. But in this case, the Italians have taken a British saloon and transformed it for track duty.

This racing version of the Jaguar XF made its debut this past weekend at South Africa's Kyalami circuit, where the Superstars Series held its season finale. The Italian touring car series pits all manner of specially-prepared machinery – ranging from Chevrolet Luminas and Chrysler 300s to Audi RS4s and the Maserati Quattroporte we reported on earlier – against each other at circuits around Italy, with one round this season held abroad. While you may not recognize any names from the current roster of drivers, the handicapped former CART Champion and F1 driver Alex Zanardi is set to race for BMW in the Italian series.

Few details are available on the new Jag touring car's specifications, but it was prepared by Italian racing garage Ferlito Motors to replace an aging machine based on the old S-Type. For its race debut, the new XF racer finished 12th – dead last of the cars that finished the race, but at least it finished. Follow the jump for the press release and check out the (unfortunately low-res) images in the gallery below.

[Source: Superstars Series]


Francsco Dracone adds to Kyalami lineup on brand-new Jaguar XF by Ferlito Motors

The clock continues to tick before for the final round of the 2009 International SUPERSTARS SERIES. A new baby will join the pack too, as Ferlito Motors is set to debut their brand-new Jaguar XF racecar.

It's an absolute first time, waiting for a full-time involvement in 2010, with another good news being Francesco Dracone. The driver from Turin, Italy, who entered this season's Euroseries 3000, will be making his debut in V8 saloon racing in South Africa, boldening a highly competitive driver and car line-up, counting on an unprecedented number of different models.

"I had my first contact with the Jaguar XF in the rollout test held at Franciacorta a couple of weeks ago, and I've been surprised especially by the engine's power and torque. Obviously, we'll have to take a huge development job, and I'll be trying to get a good feeling with a saloon car which is really different from the F.3000 I brought on-track this season. The main thing will be get used to an higher weight. I'm absolutely delighted about being there, because the championship proved extremely interesting and has an exceptional media coverage..."

Dracone, born in 1983, moved up from karting ranks in 2000, entering the F.Arcobaleno trophy and then climbing to the Italian F.3 Championship (between 2003 and 2005). He drove the new Jaguar XF to a troublefree debut at Franciacorta, on the last 21st of November, having the first taste of a SUPERSTARS car before his debut.

The Kyalami race, starting from December 11 to December 13, is the second International outing of the season for SUPERSTARS racing, after the race held last August at Portimao, and the first inter-continental event in the series' history.

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