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Normally we can think of some cute little anecdote to kick these here posts off with, but today... can't do it. BMW is raising their prices by 0.4 percent across the board on vehicles sold in North America. This price increase takes effect on January 1, 2010. Why? BMW isn't saying. And while less than a percent may not sound like much, if you're buying a stripper 760Li ($136,600), that's like $600!

There is a tiny sliver of good news. The three vehicles that just got introduced to this continent in December -- the ActiveHybrid X6, ActiveHybrid 7 and the 550i Gran Turismo -- are unaffected by this price increase. Of course as all three of those vehicles haven't proved themselves in the marketplace yet, so that sliver is even tinier upon second glance.

But it's not just the base prices that are going up. Destination & Handling fees are on the rise as well. Every new BMW is coming with an additional $50 tacked onto the 2009 $825 price, for a total of $875. And yes, this fifty dollar increase applies to the two new hybrids and the Gran Turismo as well. Happy New Year!

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[Source: BMW]

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