Spy Shots: First Nissan Qazana prototype caught testing

Just when you thought Qashqai was about a weird a name as a car could get comes some spy shots of the Nissan Qazana. Mmmm... yeah, you're right. Qashqai is still weirder. However, the Qazana, which we first saw in Geneva, is weirder looking than the Qashqai. Or practically anything else, for that matter. But it's not bad-weird, just weird-weird. That said, sticking with the maxim that all SUVs (and cars that look like SUVs) want to either be WW2 Jeeps or lunar rovers, the Qazana isn't that odd. We quite like it.
The lads at AutoExpress just caught some spy shots of a Qazana prototype, complete with black trash-bag crypsis. Despite the budget camo, it does look like some of the show car's more novel elements are making it into production -- specifically, its large headlights. It even seems as though the highly-stylized grille will see the light of day.

AutoExpress claims that it doesn't stop there: The motorcycle-inspired (and highly whacked-out) interior will also allegedly make the final cut. In terms of where it fits in the lineup, the Qazana will slot below the larger Qashqai. Like the Qashqai, look for the Qazana to be built at Nissan's Sunderland, UK plant. Here's hoping Nissan chooses the bold path and brings out a Qazana that truly resembles the concept. Odds of it making to the US? We'd normally say "zilch," but we did just get the Cube, so who knows?

[Source: AutoExpress]

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