Having conquered all on this part of the planet and with its quarter-mile record of 7.864 seconds @ 169 mph, the Killacycle is going Kiwi hunting. Yes, the world's fastest cordless drill on wheels has been boxed up and is headed to New Zealand where it will take part in an educational tour, culminating in a drag strip showdown on January 31st. There, it will attempt to school the bat-winged funnybike of Ian Wilkins at the Rotary Nationals in Meremere. Ian's best time on "Afterburner" so far is 8.119 seconds @ 166.37 mph, so the competition should be pretty close.

The tour, which is being organized by Greenstage (remember them?), will bring the Killacycle and crew to museums and schools with the bike to speak and show off their quick creation (schedule here). There is the possibility they will set a new record while in The Land of the Long White Cloud if their most recent upgrade plan has been completed. In possession of A123's hottest batteries yet, they had intended to build a new pack and make some other improvements that would push the bike to 560 hp and simultaneously shed 150 lbs. While we scour the interwebs for a way to place some bets, hit the jump for video of each of the contenders doing their dragstrip thing.

[Source: Killacycle]

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