Parallel parking isn't difficult, but we have generally found ways to make it so. Between cars that almost kinda park for you to those with video game displays that turn parking into a Microsoft Flight Simulator landing attempt to the automated cars that park themselves (a frickin' robot! To park!), getting a car into a space couldn't be more complex.

It is a university scientist and engineers at Vauxhall, though, that have proposed the most difficult parking solution we've encountered so far: a not-exactly-short equation. To make it work you'll need to know your car's turning radius, wheelbase, the distance from the center of your car's front wheel to the car's front bumper, and the width of the parked car you're trying to fit behind or in front of.

Drop those numbers into their proper places, let the slide rule dance, use the result to take a few pulls at the wheel, and voila! All you need to do now is leave your insurance information on the cars you just plowed into. If anyone can get this to work, successfully, please let us know. But we though everybody knew the answer to parking is "42." It's the question that's the hard part... Cap tip to Eralp

[Source: Daily Telegraph | Image credit: AtomicNebula via CC2.0]

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