VIDEO: Australian Transport Accident Commission celebrates 20 years of disturbing commercials

Don't drink and drive - Click above to view the video after the jump

Years ago when we were in drivers ed watching either Blood on the Highway or Red Asphalt -- the two gore-filled negative education films from the early 1970s that tried to scare us stright -- the cheerleader seated in front of us cold passed out. Just flopped right on the floor. It had to have been the scene where the camera arrives on the scene of a motorcycle wreck and, well, let's just say the poor rider needed an new knee. But as blood and guts infused as those films were, they can't even hold an emergency room candle to the carnage taking place on Australian television.

This film is a "best of" from 20 years of Transport Accident Commission films. And man... Notice how we didn't pass out during drivers ed? We have an iron stomach. That said, this video gets to be a little much. There's just so much non-stop carnage... The video almost makes us care less about drinking and driving than it does the perils of watching blood-infused video clips. Almost.

Here's what our Aussie tipster Casey had to say about the video, "Celebrating' 20 years of TAC TV advertisements, this once-only three-minute clip was shown on all free-to-air TV networks once on December 10 2009. It's a collage of their work over the 20 years and the graphic scenes put to air. It's an excellent (and chilling) viewing." Agreed, you're going see high production values and even higher casualty rates. Watch the video - if you have the stomach for it - after the jump.

[Source: Colorbus]


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