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Tesla has now delivered some 900 examples of its electric Roadster, and some employees will take unit #750 on a road trip. Tesla will be back at the Detroit Auto Show next month and this time, they'll be driving. On Thursday, December 17, 16 Tesla employees will depart from Los Angeles and head across the Southeast toward Texas and then north east to Chicago and Detroit.

While the 2,700-mile trip could be completed in a few days in conventional car, it will take two and a half weeks for the Roadster. In the Tesla announcement, it says, "We are out to prove the Roadster is tough and durable, and that range anxiety is for the weak." While the Roadster may be durable, part of the reason the trip is taking so long is the need to stop and spend several hours recharging every couple of hundred miles. Of course, Telsa staff will be using those charging opportunities to show off the car and try to drum up a few sales.

Speaking of sales, an anonymous source claiming to have knowledge of the situation tells us that Tesla is currently selling about 20-30 Roadsters a month. New Tesla spokeperson Khobi Brooklyn tells us the company is currently building about 25 cars a week but declines to comment on the sales figures. We can't confirm the current sales but Tesla's continuing silence on the matter seems to fit with our previous thoughts that the sales pace has remained very slow.

[Source: Tesla]

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