Myers Motors two-seat vehicle- Click above for high-res image gallery

Myers Motors unveiled the NMG2 (or whatever its final name will be) back in September, and the company is already prepared to take pre-orders for the two-seat electric trike. The car's base price is $29,995 but, if a thousand people drop $250 on a pre-order, the price for everyone will drop by $5,000 (actually, for every 200 people who pre-order, Myers can get volume discounts and so will drop the price by $1,000). Myers will wait until June 5, 2010 to see how many pre-orders they have and set the final price then. Throw in an estimated Federal tax credit of $2,499.50, and Myers says the best possible price will be $22,495.50.

Of course, this is a vehicle and so there will be options. The only information on these released thus far are two upgraded battery packs. The base vehicle ships will a 60-mile li-ion pack, but 80-mile and 100-mile packs will also be available for $2,500 and $5,000 respectively. Myers says that more information will be made available later. Thanks to Sean P. for the tip!

[Source: Myers Motors]

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