Word has it that Ford CEO Alan Mulally and the new interim CEO of General Motors, Ed Whitacre, had a phone conversation this week. This type of across-the-aisle conversation is not unusual, as Mulally himself placed a call to each of his competitors when he arrived in D-town from Boeing three years ago.

We weren't on the call ourselves and neither CEO has divulged any details of their conversation, so we're left to just guess at what was said. Considering Mulally's success at Ford so far and the quagmire into which Whitacre is stepping at GM, we think it may have went something like this.

Whitacre: Hi Alan, nice to finally talk. I feel like you and I have something in common, being that we both come from companies outside the auto industry.

Mulally: I'm a busy guy, do we have to do this every time General Motors fires a CEO?

I'm very excited about taking GM forward into a bright future.

Mullally: The only thing bright around here is the glare off our
Motor Trend Car of the Year award. You might want to draw a shade. Fusion FTW!

Whitacre: Congratulations on that. We're hoping to have a good showing for
SUV of the Year.

Mulally: Good luck, I'm sure the Chevy Terrain SRX will do great. Lincoln MKT FTW!

Whitacre: Anyway, congrats on all your success at Ford and I look forward to working together on our shared interests.

Mulally: Just have the next CEO send me an email. The address is KingofKansaz321@ford.com.

[Source: Automotive News - Sub. Req. | Source Image: Bill Pugliano, Getty]

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