As we approach the winter solstice and the time to replace our calendars again, everyone is weighing in again on their favorite vehicles of the past 12 months. The latest to publish their picks is the Detroit News, where Scott Burgess and team (being a Motown paper along with the Free Press, they actually have multiple full time reporters covering the industry) have gone small this year.

The News staff called out the new Audi A3 TDI as their favorite passenger carrying device while the Ford Transit Connect took the honors among trucks. The A3 also won Green Car Journal's Green Car of the Year last week at the LA Auto Show. It is essentially a fancier version of the VW Golf TDI, using the same 140 hp 2.0-liter diesel and gets similar mileage, ranging from the low 30s to mid 40s in most driving. The Transit Connect provides a great alternative to small businesses looking for delivery or utility vehicle when a Sprinter or Econoline is just too large. It provides plenty of useful space, better urban maneuverability and twice the mileage of the big vans.

[Source: Detroit News]

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