What to Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May all have in common with the Village People? Well, nothing really, except for the fact that all of them were present and accounted for at last Sunday's taping of Top Gear in Britain. Sort of... actually, it was four men that the BBC crew hired to dress up like the stereotypically gay musical group of "Y.M.C.A." and "Macho Man" fame.

So, the next logical question: Why? To prove that Top Gear isn't homophobic, obviously. Just last week, word hit the Interwebs that a gay couple had been denied tickets to the super-popular British show due to a rule that TG's cast be made up equally of men and women. The BBC claims it doesn't deny gay people from its audience as long as the 50/50 rule is adhered to.

Never one to back down from controversy, Jeremy Clarkson reportedly said during the taping, "The truth is, we welcome homosexual couples. We particularly like the lesbian sort... I saw a film about lesbians on the Internet once. It looked very interesting." This is sure to smooth over any tensions between the gay community and Top Gear, dontcha think?

[Source: Mirror.co.uk]

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