Aston Martin Lagonda Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Aston Martin is used to success. Its road cars are some of the most coveted in all of auto-dom, and its race cars have mastered Le Mans like Yo-Yo Ma has the cello. This year's planned rebirth of Lagonda, however, didn't go as well.

The oddball crossover concept that debuted at Geneva earlier this year was received with such ire that the company yanked it after the first day, before the public could ever see it... save through our camera lenses. So you can imagine the surprise when the Lagonda Concept popped up again on the Aston Martin media website, complete with a new batch of photos.

We've placed said photos of the Mercedes GL-based concept in the gallery below – complete with some very strange interior trim – for your browsing "pleasure," if you can call it that. But we can't help but wonder what Gaydon's up to.

[Source: Aston Martin via eGMCarTech]

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