Honda is a green automaker by design. From the very beginning, Honda has sought out ways to reduce size, weight and efficiency, and, after reading an interchange between Autocar and Honda CEO Takanobu ITO, it doesn't seem likely this will change any time soon. The first interesting tidbit that caught our attention is Ito's assertion that Honda's "European sales people are largely to blame" for Toyota overtaking Honda as the green automaker of note in Europe. Interesting, no?
Moving on, Ito says that testing of the FCX fuel cell car is currently underway in Europe and Honda plans to lease the hydrogen-fueled machine there at some point. But don't count on actually purchasing a hydrogen vehicle from Honda any time soon, as Ito says the lack of an infrastructure means the automaker isn't planning on selling any.

On the clean diesel front, it seems that Honda hasn't yet been able to transfer its functioning R&D engine technology to the production line, so work on that project continues. Ito also believes that carbon fiber for mass-produced automobiles is still a ways away. For more on Honda's green car strategies, including its take on battery electric vehicles versus fuel cells, click here.

[Source: Autocar]

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