Custom Range Rover crew-cab truck - click above for gallery

So you've got a hot air balloon and a Range Rover, no problem so far. Then, one day you catch the "you got chocolate in my peanut butter" fever, and it's time to create a Rover/Balloon mash-up. Your handy pile of old money means that the Rangie goes off to a bespoke vehicle specialist, said to specialize in "stretch Rolls Royce and 6-wheel Range Rovers for oil sheiks." Well, who else would you send it to, anyway?

Of course, since the balloon runs on LP gas, converting the Rover to run on the same fuel will save some money. With the dosh you save, you might as well install some big, chunky tires so that it "rides like a big Range Rover on chunky tires," and trashes fuel economy a little, too. The vehicle is in the UK, but the seller will ship. Construction quality is reportedly epic, and who doesn't have a desire for the castoffs of the wealthy? Looking at the photos, it appears to have taken its share of (ab)use lately; the blue hood is a nice touch, along with the various trappings of old Rovers, like the permanently exposed fusebox. It's on eBay for just under $8,000 – a pittance for a custom crew cab Range Rover pickup, especially if you've got a hot air balloon kicking around.

[Source: eBay Motors]

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