Self-assembling Suzuki GSX-R - Click above to watch the video after the break

Fancy yourself mechanically inclined? Ever want to try your hand at building your own motorcycle? While some of us have rebuilt our fair share of cars over the years, we've never gone and tried the ground-up thing ourselves on a two-wheeled machine, and after watching the video embedded after the break, we think we'd rather be out riding.

A heck of a lot of work obviously went into producing this clip, which we're told was completed by a father and son team (that'd be Noah and Noah's Dad, we presume) in about 30 hours. Using a bunch of creativity and the tried-and-true stop/motion technique, the two were able to make it appear as if the Suzuki GSX-R assembles itself. Not only is it nice work, we particularly appreciate the soundtrack nod to Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer music video, itself another stop/motion classic.

[Source: YouTube via Hell For Leather]

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