Wagon Attack II– Click above to watch the (epic) video

More than a few Autobloggers regularly pine for the days when Honda (among other automakers) built simpler, smaller, lighter cars that were still packed with functionality. A sterling example of this philosophy is Honda's mid-Eighties Civic Wagon, the pioneering pent-roof with the brand's then-new RealTime 4WD system. Arguably one of the earliest crossovers, the Civic Wagon was incredibly robust, and more than a few enterprising shadetree mechanics have subsequently realized that they have similar tuning potential to their far more popular sedan and hatchback cousins. Enter the Attack Wagon.

Not only is the subject of Wagon Attack II a thoroughly bitchin' example of what can be done with forced induction and a few bulletproofing sessions, the folks that made the above video clearly went beyond the call of duty to chronicle its awesomeness in high-definition. Click through to the jump to watch the most entertaining – and arguably best quality – car video you'll see today. When you're done watching the 1989 Honda earn its Civic Shuttle namesake (as it was known in other markets) vaulting off Michigan's Silver Lake Sand Dunes and tearing around broken-down airport runways, be sure to check out the making-of video as well.

And yes, we want one now too. Thanks for the tip, Luke!

[Source: WagonAttack.com]

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