2011 Chevy Volt - Click above for high-res gallery

Might the Chevy Volt get coaxed into customer hands earlier than November 2010? Could be, if a new deal to the Volt team worth $100 million from GM's large cash fund (seriously, GM apparently has $46.2 billion to spend) works as planned. The idea is to spend the $100 million not to get the cars ready for sale in October or earlier – GM is happy with their long-announced November deadline – but to build more cars earlier than scheduled in order to let customers test drive them before full manufacturing starts. Jon Lauckner, GM's vice president for global product planning, told the New York Times that, "Our date with destiny is November of 2010, but it could be useful for us to have the money to get some vehicles to consumers earlier than that." Considering GM has spent $1.7 billion on the Volt's development and manufacturing infrastructure, a $100 million to do more testing seems just making sure the big Volt bet pays off as well as it can.

[Source: New York Times via GM-Volt]

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