We've spilled some ink about CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer before, the financial expert who – as The Daily Show pointed out – missed the whole Great Depression 2.0 thing. Of course, it's not fair to single out Mr. Cramer, as 99 out of 100 economists thought credit default swaps based upon ill-conceived home loans to people with lousy credit was a sure-fired, long-term money-making bonanza.

Regardless, Jim Cramer is very bullish on General Motors' new interim CEO and former Southwestern Bell exec, Ed Whitacre. Says Cramer of Ed, "He was fierce and proud and was going to do whatever was necessary to rebuild the greatness of this once amazing company." Sounds good to us. Especially if Mr. Whitacre applies that devil-may-care acumen to doing-better-but-still-ailing General Motors. GM's problem is, for every Cadillac CTS-V, there's a Chevrolet Aveo.

Put another way, for every Ed Whitacre, there's a Fritz Henderson. Or ten. Still, if Jim Cramer is to be believed, Whitacre is an "assassin of the bad." Unions? Watch your butts, as "he's going to take it to them." Senior management might even be in worse trouble, as Cramer says, "He doesn't need you. He likes to run the place with a shoestring administration." Again, we hope Cramer's right. But we also know that those ten Fritz Hendersons are dug into GM's corporate structure like Alabama ticks.

[Source: Blogging Stocks | Image: Rusty Jarrett/Getty]

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