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November was a hot month for hybrid sales compared to the same month a year ago. While overall vehicle sales were nearly flat (up to 746,928 this year compared to 746,789 last year), hybrid sales rose 21 percent to 20,003 units (the number is undoubtedly higher, because not every automaker breaks out hybrid sales). These numbers come from Autodata (xls download) and Green Car Congress. Hybrids made up 2.7 percent of the total market last month, in line with the 2.8 percent rate for hybrid's market share thus far in 2009.

The Toyota Prius led the race, as usual, with 9,617 units sold. The second most-popular hybrid was the Toyota Camry (1,465), followed by the Honda Insight (1,403), the Ford Fusion (1,401 sold), and the Lexus RX (1,210). Toyota made about three-quarters of all hybrids sold last month, with 14,473 units. The worst selling hybrid (for which numbers were released) was the Lexus LS hybrid with just 15 units.

[Source: Green Car Congress]

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