There's a Chrysler UK site with the moody, Twilight-esque image you see above called "CHANGE is coming...." It heralds the date of January 1, 2010, and since it has a picture of the Chrysler 300 we'd like to think there will be something new announced for the six-year-old sedan. Perhaps that high zoot dash teased at the New York Auto Show will greet us along with the new year. However, since we haven't seen anything of it or the car since, it could be something more generic.

Which would be a shame, because we have a long list of wishes for the 300, and we'd be thrilled to discover the Pentastar folks had worked through even a quarter of it. The Detroit Auto Show's press days begin on January 11, so we'll be keen for whatever preview Chrysler has coming. But we do wonder why the UK gets the announcement duties while Chrysler's U.S. site is silent. Regardless, stay tuned... Hat tip to Aaron

[Source: Chrysler UK]

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