Headhunting firm Spencer Stuart is without doubt on the speed-dial lists of bailed-out firms, having placed chairmen, CEOs, Chrysler Group LLC, and board members for AIG, Citigroup Inc., Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, and GMAC. Then they flew over General Motors so that Ed Whitacre, Jr. could heli-drop in. Now, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that GM has chosen Spencer Stuart to assist it in locating a permanent CEO to take up the position from Whitacre.
GM's list of requirements makes it clear they're looking for someone bionic, having "extensive global, manufacturing and turnaround experience." The new person should also have solid credentials working with Asia, since GM believes it will move more metal over there than in the U.S. next year, and the prospective bigwig doesn't need to come from within the auto industry'sranks.

No national preference has been put forth for the new CEO, only that he or she be "global minded." Perhaps the most important proven attribute they can bring: the ability to restore morale. It's an impressive list, but that's frankly the kind of CEO we would expect GM to require anyway, regardless of its economic and market position. And it does kind of make us wonder if Alan Mulally could simultaneously run two carmakers...

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

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