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There seems little doubt that the Chevy Volt is one of the most talked-about upcoming cars from just about any automaker in recent memory. We first saw the concept vehicle way back in January of 2007 at the Detroit Auto Show, and ever since that time the Volt has been a nearly everyday topic of conversation. It's even got its own theme song.

While there are those of us who are looking forward to the Volt's late 2010 introduction with such anticipation that we devour every little minute detail about the car, it comes as little surprise that there are some who have heard enough. According to the Wall Street Journal, that latter group even includes some of The General's own U.S. dealer body. Says Steve Cook, owner of Cook Chevrolet Buick in Vassar, Michigan:
If I were to tell you how most dealers feel in all this, it's that we're at a point where we wish they would focus on selling the cars they have today to today's customers... We're tired of talking about Volts in 2011. We want to sell Malibus, Impalas and pickup trucks in December.

[Source: The Wall Street Journal]

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