As most of you probably know, the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 15) is kicking off in Copenhagen this week to tackle our planet-size environmental problem. With the stakes literally sky high and a tone as serious as a myocardial infarction, what better time and place to hold a multi-day Enduro motocross racing event? None apparently, as the FIM Ride Green Eco Enduro gets geared up to add some life to the proceedings and demonstrate that reducing CO2 emissions doesn't mean that fun can't be had.

The International Federation of Motorcycles (FIM) sanctioned event is strictly limited to electric motorcycles and will feature 3 mono-type divisions and an open class. Standard Quantya Track Evo 1 models make up Pro 1, while Quantyas modded with performance-enhancing bits from Pico Amps and beefed-up parts, including heavier suspension, comprise Pro 2. Entries from Zero Motorcycles get Pro 3 all to themselves and the Proto class provides a home for any other makes. The riders, many of whom have been gleaned from other areas of two-wheeled motorsport such as the Motocross World Championship and Rallye Dakar, will get a technical introduction to electric motorcycles on Thursday before getting down to the serious business of racing them the following morning.

The contest consists of several stages across different types of terrain the first two days, wrapping up on Sunday with spectator-friendly events staged on a Supermoto-type track put together close to the center of Copenhagen. Although most of the stages are under 16 km (10 miles), there is one that will be especially challenging, not only because it takes place at night, but also because it is of undisclosed length and will require riders to perform a battery swap. Hit the jump for a pair of videos previewing some of the ground the racers will cover both on the Island of Møn and off.

Source: ECO Enduro via Electric Motorcycle Forum]

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