Volkswagen BlueSport Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

One of our favorite concepts from the last Detroit Auto Show was the Volkswagen BlueSport Roadster. The voluptuous Boxster-sized two-seater carried one of VW's TDI four cylinder diesels between the cabin and rear axle and most of the important bits came from the Golf. Because of the origins of those mechanical bits, it seemed reasonable that VW could build the car, but so far they have not committed to do so.

According to AutoCar, Volkswagen could make the final decision in the next few months about whether to proceed with the BlueSport. The BlueSport's sub-2,600 pound mass combined with brake energy regeneration and a 6-speed DSG transmission should allow the roadster to accelerate to 60 mph in the mid-6 second range and while getting mileage in the mid-40s. Perhaps VW will even work in some of its upcoming hybrid technology. If VW does decide to build the BlueSport. it will likely be in combination with other models that share the platform from other group brands like Audi and Porsche. That would help keep the cost down.

[Source: AutoCar]

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