When fans tune in to watch (or torrent) tomorrow night's episode of Top Gear, they'll get to see Snatch director Guy Ritchie regale Jezza, Hamster, and Captain Slow with tales of his stint as the program's Star in a Reasonably-Priced Car.
According to London's Daily Mirror, which spoke to a source who attended the taping, it seems Ritchie wound up doing his best H.B. Halicki impression, killing four of the reasonably-priced crapboxes in his effort to set the fastest celebrity lap. Sloppy track conditions were to blame, says Madonna's ex, according to the Mirror's snitch.

Whether he actually succeeded in his mission to land atop the leaderboard will be revealed during Sunday's broadcast, which, according to the tabloid, also sees the boys race airport equipment and bombard a ferry using hatchbacks as munitions. That, friends, sounds like some quality television.

[Source: Mirror.co.uk | Image: Dave Hogan/Getty]

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