Is BMW working on a new hydrogen-fueled hybrid automobile? Judging by this series of spy photos from Bimmerpost, the answer may very well be yes. A close look at the side glass shows a sticker that reads "Hybrid Test Vehicle." So, that answers the question about whether or not it's a hybrid... but what about the hydrogen?
According to the spy shooter, these shots were taken at a hydrogen fueling station and those hoses exiting the 1 Series hatchback's fuel filler door to indeed appear to lead to that large gas canister on the ground. We don't have any other information on the car and none of this can be verified, but it's got our interest piqued.

Of course, BMW has already put hydrogen-powered cars on the road, and the German automaker's first hybrid vehicles are the ActiveHybrid X6 and ActiveHybrid 7, and those models are just about ready to hit the market. As a side note, this car looks kinda familiar, no? Thanks for the tip, Billie!

[Source: Bimmerpost]

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