Leashed Mini Cooper S Clubman - Click above for high-res image gallery

Mini may be many things, but stuffy they're not. When your business consists of selling tiny hatchbacks with sports car handling at a near luxury price, you really can't take yourself too seriously all the time. Mini ad campaigns have capitalized on that cheeky spirit to great effect. While at the LA Auto Show this week, we were treated to a preview of some of the newest commercials that will be getting airtime soon. Rest assured, the attitude is still there in abundance.

A good example of that spirited personality is the car you see here. Playing on the old Mini's Bulldog alter ego, the automaker has chosen to put this new Cooper S Clubman on a leash...with a spiked collar. Seriously. And they even went step further with some funny warnings painted into the danger hash marks on the floor around it. We can't think of many other car companies that could pull this off, but on a Mini, that collar actually looks amusingly good. We've got more high-res pics in the gallery that can be unleashed by clicking below.

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