2011 Lexus LFA wireframe cutaway - Click above for high-res image gallery

Wow. Lexus brought their new LFA supercar to the LA Auto Show this year. That might not seem particularly wow-worthy, but it definitely becomes more surprising when you hear that they actually brought an LFA and a half. While a white LFA was happily humming along, spinning slowly on a rotating platform in the middle of the booth, another LFA-like creature lay motionless a few feet away.

It seems Lexus had an extra drivetrain they wanted to display, but instead of just parking the engine, transaxle and other mechanical bits on a stand, they decided to make it something of a cutaway. Rather than chopping up one of those exquisitely woven carbon fiber bodies, thankfully, they supported the running gear in a wireframe cutaway of sorts that mimics the overall shape of the production car. It was even done up in white just like the real thing on the other side of the stand. While some saw it as a novel way to display the internals, we think this might be a sneak peek at the cheaper, simpler Lexus LFA we had hoped for. Or, you know, not.

Check out the gallery below, and do yourself a favor – Take a few extra seconds to ogle that engine.

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