I'm starting to think that the "hydrogen advocate" Greg Blencoe (always an AutoblogGreen fave) might be working against the hydrogen industry. In a new post on his Hydrogen Car Revolution blog, he responds to five energy efficiency arguments against hydrogen fuel cell cars. The problem? His rebuttals are not convincing (sorry, Greg). One of his points is a real head scratcher: "Regarding renewable energy, there is far more high-quality wind and solar power available than could ever be used. Therefore, why is it so important to use this energy in the most efficient manner?" That just has fail written all over it.

Blencoe also wrote an extended version of the cost issue item, which you can read here. He uses some absurd math and reasoning. To wit: he says that replacing all of the cars on the road with $40,000 Chevy Volts would be an additional cost of $4.4 trillion. Of course, no one is suggesting we do any such thing, not even GM, but his response is that "the cost per vehicle for the hydrogen fueling station is $2500." Why he compares the PHEV's cost with the cost of an H2 station is unknown, because a fair look at the numbers would be to add up the cost of PHEVs and a recharging infrastructure and compare that to the cost of H2 vehicles and how much it will cost to put in hydrogen refueling stations, right? It almost feels like Blencoe's making the case for plug-ins. Strange.

[Source: Hydrogen Car Revolution]

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